Diet Dr. Atkins

Protein Diet and Atkins Diet are the same thing?

When people decide to diet, seek thousands of things on the internet, as miracle recipes, tips etc. infallible. And there are some specific diets that they want more often, as the protein diet.

And so many people are in doubt about what is protein diet and what is the Atkins diet. And when they discover the wonder, but the Dr. Atkins diet can be considered protein diet? And the answer is very simple: YES!

The Atkins Diet is, for the most part, highly similar to the protein diet, so they are called by the same name by many doctors and specialists.


In short, the Dr. Atkins diet fold reduced carbohydrate intake for a few weeks, thus increasing protein consumption. Basically, this is the basic precept protein diet.

And on the menu for both diets, it is very important to have a high number of protein foods, so diet is a success. Since the basis of the diet is fat burning by the body in search of an alternative source of carbohydrate to energy, which is severely diminished.


The Atkins Diet is recommended to be taken by people who maintain regular physical activity, so that the proposed fat intake in the diet does not influence on your weight loss. Have protein diet is recommended for people who do not engage in regular physical activity, since our body uses carbohydrates as fuel consumed in intense activity and also to help in the recovery of the wear caused by the exercises muscles.

Thus, taking into consideration the large number of similarities between the two diets, we can consider that the diet developed by Dr. Atkins is so much like a protein diet to the point of being called by the same name.

But as we have seen, there is a difference either. Therefore, it behooves you to find out more about the diets, know your limitations, effects on health and food rules so there is a healthy weight loss without major damage to your health.
Good luck with your diet!