Diet, Blood

Find out what your type, targets the right diet for you and lose up to 6 pounds in just one month

What is your blood type?

Your blood type is O, A, B or AB? This information is important for you to daily menu foods that combine with your body, fighting inflammation, which generally increase fluid retention, swelling and fats. Making food choices according to their biological profile still favors the pace of metabolism, speeding weight loss - gives you lose up to 6 pounds in a month.

The idea of ??a different power for each blood type is not new. She became famous in 1996 with the launch of the book The Blood Type Diet, bestseller in the United States, written by American Peter D'Adamo and translated into over 50 languages. But Hurricane Claudia Raia put the diet again in evidence. And the result is indisputable. "She lost weight 7 pounds and still got rid of migraine attacks," says Sonja Salles, personal diet actress. Ie you lose weight and gain health.

Mon undo Peter, there are historical, anthropological and physiological correlations between blood type and foods. "That's why we follow a personalized menu rebalances the body, which happens to work better," explains nutritionist. To facilitate the diet foods are divided into three categories:


- They are protective food (able to prevent and treat diseases, and promote weight loss) and hence needed by the body each day.


- Act only as food (do not do good or bad) and therefore can be consumed frequently or not.


- Must be cut from a menu, as mess with the balance of the body, causing a decrease in metabolic rate and weight gain in addition to migraine, indigestion and changes in the production of insulin - the hormone that, in excess, contributes to stocks fat.

The list of foods is extensive. Therefore, we selected the main ones for each blood type. And the calories? Forget. More important than that is you propose to consume moderate portions. Another recommendation of dietician is eating every three hours. "It's important to keep your metabolism revved up action." Ready to start? So look below the corresponding blood type diet and good menu!