Diet Carbohydrate

If you are looking for a diet where you can eat a lot and lose a lot of weight in a short time, this is your diet

If you believe that the carbohydrate in the diet, the consumption of it is free, you are mistaken. The goal of the carbohydrate diet is just the opposite, in it, you should reduce the intake of carbohydrates almost zero or zero. For this reason, it is not a diet suitable for people who exercise regularly as this is the largest source of quick energy the body.

How It Works

Do you ever imagine making a system that is effective and where food did not have to cut? These benefits you can find in the diet of carbohydrates. A healthy diet and it really works and thin even if you keep them maintained and follow the menus to the letter. Carbohydrates found in almost every food we eat. Using them to your advantage you can lose weight quickly, easily and still achieve good health and shape with properly. Let us know here some tips, daily menu options, as well as learn more about how long you can keep this diet and all stages of the process. It is efficient because our body needs carbohydrates to function properly the cetônio. Cetônio is a gland in the brain that we have and that passes on some important information about the metabolism. There is even diets based on this gland. When we stop eating carbohydrates, we can say, in a way that left the cetônio hungry. As it has no carbs to use, will burn body fats to keep your metabolism in order.

How to Make the Carbohydrate Diet?

ith only 2 day diet, you already lose belly then imagine after a few days or months? We provide below a menu step-by-step instructions for you to follow, but know that you are free to consume food without carbs at ease. You can check some table on the internet does not know the composition of all foods.

Carbohydrate Diet Weekly Menu

A week is ideal to have good results. If you need a bigger result, the menu may continue for up to 15 days and after this period, giving a spacing of up to 1 week before you resume it.
Yourself may prepare their menu based on the foods allowed in the diet.

How Can I Lose Pounds with Diet Carbohydrate?

You can lose up to 7 kg in the first week of dieting and depending on your body maintain this trend for the 15-day indicated.


Following everything correctly, the process is fairly easy and you immediately notice the results. In the early days, you will feel a desire to eat some food not allowed list, it is because your brain is receiving information from cetônios the lack of carbohydrate therefore very careful in this period. But after the fifth day, people who were successful on this diet report that the desire to eat food out of turn, pinching and even freshwater decreases. If you try this diet, be sure to tell us how your experience has been.