Orange sauce to Fillets Cold

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  • (Orange juice): 1
  • Orange (scrape): 1/2
  • White wine: 1 Cup
  • Flour, cornstarch: 1 Teaspoon
  • Cream: 100 ml
  • Salt: taste.
  • Pepper: taste.


Dissolve a tablespoon of corn starch in the wine. Join the juice and the zest of the orange and heat the mixture thickens stirring constantly with a wooden spoon.

Finally, add the cream and season with salt and pepper. Spread over the fillets, let cool and serve garnished with chopped parsley.

This sauce makes a left over fillets on a plate exquisite and appropriate to the hottest days that lie ahead.

Accompany it with a salad of lettuce, containing two or three different varieties that, in addition to little calorie, give a visual aspect to be quite nice.

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