Cod Master

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  • eggs: 2
  • bottle of grain cooked: 1
  • Chopped parsley: taste.
  • finely chopped garlic: 1 tooth
  • finely chopped onion: 1
  • carrots: 2
  • potatoes: 2
  • More cod: 400 g
  • Olives: taste.
  • Salt: taste.
  • Olive oil and vinegar: taste.
  • paprika: taste.
  • pepper: taste.


Bake the potatoes to the cubes, carrots to small cubes, migas cod and eggs. Cock-if the onion, garlic and parsley. In a container to go to the table, get together all the ingredients, some over the top with the clear chopped separated from the yolk (meaning, you can scrape the yolk on a grater and spruce up so the salad) and a few olives.

Sprinkles with chopped parsley and paprika, watering with a good dash of olive oil and a few drops of vinegar to taste.

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