Cod with cheese

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  • Codfish: 4 Slices
  • Milk: 4 dl
  • Garlic: 4
  • Laurel: 2 Sheets
  • Olive oil: 1,5 dl
  • Potato: 600 g
  • Broccoli: 300 g
  • Medium carrot: 1
  • Cheese mixture amanteiado: 200 g
  • Salt: taste.
  • Pepper: taste.


Place the slices of cod in the milk with minced garlic, and bay leaves let it marinate for 24 hours. Drain them and fry them slowly in half of the olive oil.

Peel the potatoes and aloure-in the remaining olive oil. Cut the broccoli in the branches and bake them in boiling water and seasoned salt.

When the potatoes are almost ready, add the carrots peeled and cut into slices and let stir-fry. Season with salt and pepper.

Place the slices of cod alouradas in a container refractory, cover with slices of cheese mixture buttery and take them to the oven for gratinarem.

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