Grilled fish

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  • Black pepper ground: to taste.
  • garlic crushed: 6 teeth
  • sauce of chopped coriander: 1
  • onions: 2
  • ripe tomatoes chopped: 6
  • made of gold: 2
  • put dye: 2
  • put bass: 2
  • Salt: taste.
  • Olive oil: taste.


Place half of the tomatoes, onion and garlic to line the bottom of a pot. Arrange the slices of fish already clean and thawed. Cover with the remaining ingredients and with the salt, pepper and olive oil. Lightweight medium-low heat with the lid covered. Do not add water. Let it cook for about 40 minutes, and check the seasoning. Attention: Never mess with a spoon, just move your own pot with circular movements always covered, so that the fish do not dispose.

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