Usuzukuri Fish

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  • Bass: 80 g
  • Sweet potato: 50 g
  • Potato: 50 g
  • Mussel: 4 units
  • Tomato: 20 g
  • Cucumber: 20
  • Peppers: 5
  • Coriander: 10
  • Butter: 50
  • Flour: 10
  • Olive oil: 50 ml
  • Rice vinegar: 25 ml
  • Salt: taste.


Cook the potato and smoke it in a smoking machine.

Smash potatoes and make puree, adding the butter, until you get a creamy consistency, and put on the siphon.

Then, cut the vegetables into cubes and season with olive oil, vinegar and salt.

Fry the mussels passing-the first for the flour. Leave them in marinade vegetables during one hour.

Cut the fish into very thin slices and curl the mussel in the fish.

Serve the roll on top of temperate vegetables, sprinkle it with the sauce from the marinade and end with sweet potato chips and mashed potatoes from the siphon.

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