Broth of the Christmas night

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  • Loaf of bread: 4 Slices
  • Broth of peru: 1,2 lt
  • Carrots: 4
  • Eggs: 3
  • Butter: 1 Tablespoon
  • Oil:
  • Salt: taste.
  • Mint: 1 Sprig
  • For the broth of peru
  • The bones of peru: 1/2 kg
  • Water: 2 LT
  • Onion: 1/2
  • Carrot slices: 1
  • Laurel: 1 Sheet
  • Celery: 1/2 Stalk
  • Teeth al


Make the broth from peru:

Cook all ingredients indicated for two hours in the heat very low. Straining at the end.

Make the broth from Christmas:

Cut the bread into cubes and fry in oil hot. Flows-if the slices on absorbent paper. Reserves.

However, it boils the broth of peru with the grated carrot. The chat if the eggs and join-in wire to the broth, leaving the baking. Add the butter, season with salt to taste, and is involved as well.

It is to cook a few more minutes.

Similarly, in the end, out of the heat, the cold bread and the sprig of mint.

Serve very hot.

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