Soup of Courgette with Corn Flour

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  • water: 3 l
  • medium onion: 1
  • carrot: 1
  • Red pepper: 1/4
  • garlic: 1
  • lettuce: 1
  • Salt: taste.
  • Pepper: taste.
  • Oregano: taste.
  • Corn flour: taste.
  • olive oil: 1 tablespoon


Wash well the courgettes and the carrot. Peel the onion and the garlic and cut the peppers into strips into very thin. Cut in pieces the courgettes, carrot, onion and bell pepper and put in the pan with water, adding the chopped garlic, salt, pepper and oregano.

Cover and leave to simmer for an hour and a half. Remove from the heat and whisk everything with the magic wand. Rectificam-if the seasonings and add the olive oil and the lettuce properly washed and ripped.

It takes to heat up to boiling will be joining corn flour until the mixture thickens slightly and let the soup velvety smooth and creamy.

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